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August 25, 2004

yep, we are still fucking up.

Najaf bombed, Al-Sistani calls for march

Thursday 26 August 2004, 1:51 Makka Time, 22:51 GMT

As US AC-130s continued their sixth day of bombing runs on al-Mahdi Army positions in Najaf, Grand Ayat Allah Ali al-Sistani has issued a call for Iraqis to march to the city to “save it from destruction”.

and it gets worse:

Demonstrators killed

Earlier on Wednesday, Aljazeera reported that 16 men were killed and 102 others wounded during a peaceful demonstration heading towards Najaf.

Video footage from Associated Press Television News showed demonstrators wounded during a few minutes of heavy gunfire.

The marchers chanted slogans in support of al-Sadr and carried pictures of the cleric as well as pictures of al-Sistani.

Witnesses said the gunfire appeared to come from an Iraqi National Guard post, which sat behind concrete blast walls along the demonstration route.

mean while, reporters in najaf feel the heat:

Iraqi police seize journalists in Najaf

Wednesday 25 August 2004, 23:57 Makka Time, 20:57 GMT

Iraqi policemen rounded up dozens of journalists at gunpoint in a Najaf hotel and took them to police headquarters before later releasing them.

and we are bombing here again:

Falluja under sustained US attack

Wednesday 25 August 2004, 23:46 Makka Time, 20:46 GMT

US aircraft have attacked parts of the Iraqi city of Falluja, killing at least four people and wounding 12 others.

this is depressing and relevent:

as he spoke with me, he told me that he is terrified about having to be with the first marine unit to have to go back into fallujah for the first time since our troops pulled out months ago. over that past couple of weeks, mainly within the last three or four days, a large amount of his barracks have been blown up. he hasn’t taken a shower in weeks, he has been going on senseless missions with marine units with only his pistol, and for the past days, he has had to be dressed in a flack jacket and helmet because of the intense bombing. he said that mortars come down as if it’s raining and they can do nothing to prevent them. a large area of ammunition storage was blown up, and that the vehicles he uses to go and help save lives are also gone.

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