in case you weren’t paying attention

August 22, 2004

we are still fucking up in iraq. and others have noticed.

Egyptian cleric warns US of Najaf fallout

Sunday 22 August 2004, 0:23 Makka Time, 21:23 GMT

US-led forces have pounded Najaf to quell Shia resistance.

A leading Egyptian Islamic leader has warned that a “volcano of anger” could explode in response to US-led military action in Najaf and Falluja.

In a statement on Saturday, Ali Gumaa, the mufti of Egypt and the country’s highest authority on Islamic law, condemned the “continuing aggression by US-led forces on the Imam Ali shrine and Islamic holy places” in Iraq.

“After the attack on the shrines of the Prophet’s noble companions, after the humiliations and the terrorizing and killing of civilians, the world cannot expect… that a volcano of anger and indignation will not explode,” Gumaa said.

Gumaa is second in the Islamic hierarchy only to the shaikh of al-Azhar, Cairo’s ancient university and institute of religious learning.
institute of religious learning.

and we are still killing people here.

and our largest oil importer is still trying to fix the mess we started.

and in case you haven’t noticed, we are still losing troops in iraq.

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