kerry interview

June 29, 2004

ok, so i’ll give kerry a chance after reading this interview. it spoke to me as a veteran.

i have to admit i haven’t given kerry much of a chance. it still stings a little from seeing dean go down. but that is the past. there is an election to win. i don’t want to be a “beat bush” voter. this is not about the lesser of two evils. i suppose it is time for me to start reading up on kerry’s postions and what not.

i enjoyed volunteering for the dean campaign. my wife was far more active but i would tag along when school permitted. the people were great. it was a blessing to meet so many people who cared so much for their country. i met people who had left their everyday lives behind because they believed one person could change everything. and together they did.

i hope kerry can rally the troops. a lot of people hate bush. but that is not enough. at least a majority need to like kerry enough to want to vote for him. only that will give him legitamcy.

i am an independant. i want to vote for the better candidate. i guess its time to find if kerry is that candidate.

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