well shit

May 5, 2004

ok so when everything rolls off and you are left with a blank page, i guess its time to post again.

i have had several conversations this week with friends at school about the various political stories in the news, and i have to tell you, i am frustrated. you see, i seem to have become a news source for the people i see on a daily basis. they all will tell you that they “pay attention”, but i have to disagree. and since i am pretty sure no one reads this, its ok. the conversations usually involve them needing a weekly dose of the outside world. oh sure, they start off with small talk, how’s the wife, etc. but eventually they ask, “so what going on, you know, in the news”. now, i love to talk politics and religion as much as the next lonely guy at the bar, but i get irritated after a while when the other half of the conversation team has nothing to offer. i am not a lecturer. it is not class time. i know these people can read, i know they are on the internet, i have sent them links, but they are still in the dark. the few times they bring something up specifically its because they caught a fox news clip on the way out the door.

what scares me about this is that i think this is the case at large in our society. i know this subject has been harped on in countless rants across the blogosphere, but it still unnerves me. maybe its because people have other shit to do. maybe they feel its easier on the nerves to not get caught up in the drama. i don’t know. its still nerve wracking to here someone drop the iraqis on the 9-11 planes bomb. or not have a clue what a 9-11 commission is. or the energy commission. or the plame affair. or the now infamous photos.

how can a democratic nation, a republic whose power lies in its citizens’ right to vote, continue to survive if its citizens are not paying attention? people do still vote. but if they only hear one side of the story, or vote for a party no matter what, how does america benefit?

pay attention. this government is out of control. the election in 2000 was a disaster, and the only thing the bush administration has done to resolve the problem is to get us voting machines that leave no paper trail and can probably be hacked by thirteen year olds. is it too much to ask for instant runoff voting? make it a little more than the lesser of two evils. give people a real choice. what about either moving election day to the weekend, or even better, make it a national holiday. and i can’t believe we can build nano machines but we can’t come up with a decent voting machine. i guess i know what my senior design project is going to be now.

i don’t care what the administration says, it is obvious they were too preoccupied returning election favors to pay attention to terrorists before the world trade center fell. and where does cheney get off with this executive privilege crap when asked about the energy commision? public servant, national policy concerning the public; i have to believe he is hiding something because if he wanted to gain public support he would have done it in the open and showed how it worked. that’s of course saying he came up with a policy that worked. for the public.

skip 9-11. too much to complain about. maybe later.

Exposing a cia operative is illegal.

war in iraq. what will it take for the american people to wake up and see the disaster that he has gotten us into? bush wanted iraq out of the shoot, and he lied his ass off to get us there. fucked our international image in the process. and now he makes jokes about finding wmds and we are now at war with the iraqi people themselves. those aren’t just insurgents shooting at us.

his environmental record reads like a horror story, there are still no jobs out there and he has even managed to fuck the veterans, schoolchildren and the elderly. and women too. yet everyone i talk to daily seems oblivious to all of this. i wonder why.

maybe because the democrats are fucking it up just like last time. finding dirt on bush is like finding water in the ocean. where is kerry? the vets i talk to are not impressed with the ‘nam story. where is his substance, his “electability”? i am sorry but as much as i want bush out, kerry gives me a stomach ache. gore floudered when he had the chance to call bush out, will kerry do the same? team bush isn’t going to give a shit about tearing kerry apart. there are so many issues to nail bush to the wall on in a debate. can kerry talk fast enough to keep peoples’ attention?

the media can bite it. they are failures. the internet is (i hate to say this) about the only damn place left to find anything out. is the problem then that not everyone is on the web. and even if they were, like my friends they would still not pay attention.

have we become fat and complacent? i fear so. is this dangerous? extremely. our rights are deteriorating, our country is slipping into an aristocracy. what happened to america?


3 Responses to “well shit”

  1. Robyn Says:

    My, my, you were verbose on cinqo de mayo! I’ve only read the previous post, but I’ll get to this one once I’ve rested.

  2. LJ Says:

    Write on, Monk. They don’t hear you, though.

    Sometimes, I don’t know who I’m maddest at: The hypocritical, tie-wearing GOONS who are pulling this hijack off, or the 80 or so odd percent of Americans who know the difference between the TRUTH and a hot, pile of hot, steaming horseshit, but have chosen to hold their nostrils with one hand and wave Old Glory with the other…

    Bunch of overweight, gas-guzzlin’, channel surfin, fake tannin’, acrylic-sniffin, silicon-baggin’, colon-cancered, prescription poppin’, ahistoric, war-wagin’, tax-cuttin’, low-rate mortaged hypocrites.

    We are virtually beyond hope.

    John Kerry? PLLLEAZE. He makes me sick. As a war buff, I honestly cannot visualize THAT GUY fighting much more than a grease fire and living to tell about it.


    So what do I rreaally think?

    I think that Americans are living the same LIE they always have.

    I think that upholding Justice & Equality on your shores, but investing in Slavery & Oppression on someone else’s BREEDS hatred and is a crime against Civility.

    I think that casting blame on your neighbor whilst your own home is in disorder is a crime against Community.

    I think that stealing an election is kin to stealing children and is a crime against Democracy.

    I think that your average ‘Good Christian’ used to make a “Family Day” out of hanging people like ME by their necks.

    I think that selling arms to murderers like Hussein, Bin Laden and the Contras at a profit and then turning a double profit on the War and bloodshed that ensues is a crime against God. All Gods. Any God.

    I think that people like me and – maybe – you may someday have our time in the Sun. I think the Dream is Still Alive, but for now – as long as the trappings of Peace, Justice & Democracy suffice for the Real Thing – that dream will remain just a Dream…albeit a very nice one.

    Until then, as a friend often tells me, let us conserve our precious energy and give unto the sheep their Shephard…



  3. monkey Says:

    howdy LJ. that was a lot. i am glad to know others feel as angry inside as i do. people often say they are angry, but they don’t seem to know the half of it. i agree with basically everything you said. do we live in the america from civics class or the america who kills for profit. most “patriots” don’t vote. is it all just a pipe dream?

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